Tuesday 25_11_14

It wasn’t the easy week. A lot of tears were cried out, a lot of spoons were rejected, a lot of energy just disappeared. On the other hand we were thinking about so many beautiful memories which we have with you and spent pleasant evening with Pája and Aleš. And Anička. Anička is an angel who helps me whenever I need. Thank you all! Love you all!

Tuesday 18_11_14

As Miguel Ruiz says ~ whenever we are, whenever we go, we should consciously inhaling pure love, exhaling pure love ~ Thought that was in my mind, in my breath, having my head pressed to yours, I felt your very last exhaling… I feel you everywhere. I feel love and sadness at the same time inside every cell of my body. I love you so much  and thank you for you. In Štěpán’s words ~ thank you that we could live our best years with you! ~